• 10 June 2024

My blog now offers full-text RSS feeds

Explore the reasons behind this decision

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  • 23 May 2024

Transforming website images into WebP with Rust for faster loading times

Explore the process of enhancing website speed through image conversion to WebP using Rust

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  • 15 May 2024

Dynamic Github profile with Bun and Typescript

Learn how to make your GitHub profile dynamic using Bun and TypeScript as an alternative to Python in my previous article.

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  • 13 May 2024

How I made my GitHub profile README dynamic

Explore the process of making your GitHub profile README dynamic with automated updates of your latest blog posts using GitHub Actions and Python scripting

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  • 11 May 2024

New home for my website

Discover why I switched my website and blog from Jekyll to Zola.

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  • 01 May 2021

Start a new journey

I share my journey from being a BIM engineer to becoming a full-time backend developer

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  • 25 January 2021

Why use Docker compose

Discover the advantages and reasons behind utilizing Docker Compose for managing multi-container Docker applications.

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  • 22 December 2020

Create simple web app Nodejs with Docker

Learn to build a basic web application using Node.js and Docker, simplifying the deployment process across different environments.

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