About Duy NG

You might know me online as “tduyng” or “tienduy-nguyen”. Feel free to call me “Duy”, pronounced like “Zwee” in Vietnamese. That’s why I like to use “Z” in my development accounts. I’m not big on social media, but I love working on tech projects!

Current role

I’m currently a Backend Engineer at Ekino France where I specialise in NodeJs/Typescript and AWS for CANAL+ projects since 2021.

Past experiences

Before my current role, I worked as a BIM Engineer (Building Information Modeling Engineer) at VINCI Group in France. Alongside my BIM responsibilities, I developed numerous plugins in C#, Dynamo and VBA (Excel) to automate tasks for my company.


My Github: tduyng

Other resources

I write sometime on tduyng.medium.com

Professional engagements

I’m a nice person (I think?) and easy to work with. Here’s an exhaustive list of everything I’ve used / done in a professional context:

  • Javascript/Typescript
  • NodeJS/Deno/Bun
  • Rust
  • Scripting
  • AWS
  • CI/CD
  • Gitlab/Github
  • Docker/Kubenetes/ArgoCD/DevOps
  • Technical Writing
  • C#/Python/Ruby/VBA
  • React/Svelte/HTML/CSS