Revit API Template

Revit WPF Template

Template in visual studio for creating Revit C# .net addin with WPF

WPF in Revit API maybe make some difficulties for the first times to work with it. As a beginner and a selt-touch developper, I waste many times to understand how does it works. So, I create this template to using in my future other projects.

About this template

In this template, I show how I use:

  • Organize project with MVVM pattern
  • Create and raise external event of Revit API with modeless form WPF
  • Binding command totally, not using event in code behind
  • Fix some problem with modeless forme: topmost, Window owner, minimize Window
  • Integrate type Window, Usercontrol in this template
  • Utils for image of icon of ribbon constrol Revit
  • Work with Json settings file